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The Kind of Face Masks and PPE

In the midst of the current global pandemic the need for Personal Protective Equipment or PPE is paramount to the safety of yourself, your employees and those around you. The CDC and virtually all health organizations worldwide agree that the wearing of masks is a critical component is keeping safe and preventing the spread of Covid-19. This article gives 5 bits of guidance in making smart and informed decision making when choosing a mask.

1. Reusable masks. Selecting a reusable cloth mask can be an excellent choice. It’s important to make sure though that the mask has two plys, contains proper ventilation, is comfortable to wear and has a design that you are comfortable with. In addition, a pocket to add a filter is a plus and please avoid valved masks as studies have shown that they are ineffective.
2. Ear loops vs Around the Head. Masks generally have either ear loops or attach behind the head. Both are adequate to hold the mask in place but individuals often prefer one or the other for comfort. Try both and see what works best for you. For children, I recommend behind the head as when the masks are pulled down for say eating they can hang comfortably around the neck instead of having to be put down on a table, floor etc.
3. Disposable Masks. A disposable mask is also an adequate mask selection. The key things to remember here are that they must be FDA approved to ensure effectiveness and that the user must change them out every day or two.
4. Face Shields. There is some evidence to show that certain viruses can be transmitted through the eyes. A great way to protect against this possibility is through wearing a face shield. A shield is not a replacement for a mask but can be an excellent add on to one for additional protection.
5. Fogging. Due to the nature of breathing through a mask, it is very common for a glasses wearer to fog up their glasses (especially when inside). This can be both annoying and at times dangerous. is partnering with a company to create a patented add on to masks to prevent this from occurring. Stay tuned.

Mask buying is a critical element in staying safe during these unique times. The 5 tips above will help you make smart and effective decisions.


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